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 Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai Reviews

Sarrah Pangan
It was nice service indeed Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Reviews!!!
Especial thanks to Carmela for the extra service that you provided us from the start up to the end. Your helpful attitude makes it clear that you can continue to take on new challenges and grow with your company.

Ma. Jesusa Morales
The experience is absolutely amazing! I love how hospitable Ms. Carmela Bacay is. She totally nailed the presentation along with her team member. I’m so extremely happy and love to visit again.

Memory Chodzaza
I was given a tour of all the hotels , offered few free drinks and stuff were very respectful. Samir Carmela was really helpful aswell made us feel welcomed and booked  us transportation back to our hotel

Mohammed Jaily
An amazing experience. The hotel is nice and clean. The views are priceless. They took great care of my family and I. The presentation was A+ and hosted by Luis. Vera. What a classy

Dinesh Subburaj
Myself and my wife are really pleased with their presentations and services offered. They are very patient and helpful all the way throughout the vacation .We are so glad our stay in Dubai ,Hilton Al Habtoor was spectacular. Thank you Lifestyle Luxury Vacation Club Dubai Reviews staff Shaban,Asma ,Maria,Hagar for making the trip very special!

bhry angelo

Had a great time here. Staffs are very accommodating. Having an exquisite ambiance, its highly commendable for a place to stay. Would love to go back again for a few nights if time permits. Thanks and good job.

smaug hue

The presentation went very well and Anour was very polite and friendly to I and my wife and also ready to answer to all my questions.. The rooms and view is top notch… we are definitely getting a membership And Customer service and Front desk staff of Reception are so humble and Welcoming specially Tara She’s so cute Nd Hardworking girl
Tara ❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Manjiro Sano

Pleasant individuals and a wonderful experience. A hotel that is genuinely amazing. Quite helpful was the front desk staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at your motel. Your outstanding service is much appreciated!

abdullah shahid

We had a lovely time at the Hilton Hotel. The presentation was lovely. Thank you to Sameer for talking to us today and touring us around. We had a great time looking at the suites available . Thank you also to Tara who helped us a lot today
ideas for tourism and tourism work... The reception and crew are more than wonderful... Thank you for gifts specially Tara thanxxxxxxx

Idanay Ramirez

i had the best experience ever, my family and I, we had the best experience in Dubai, if it wasn’t for luxury vacation club we would not had this great time in dubai

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